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Your Blog has Been Removed

my blog has been removed?!?

Sure, you can put a “free blog” up on other sites, but what guarantees do you have with a free service?

Free hosting services have strict terms of service and can take down your stuff in the blink of an eye, with no warnings, no questions and no cares.

If you’re running a personal blog about your cat, it really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  But what happens if you have a few ads on your site and you count on the couple hundred dollars a month your site is making you?  That money is gone in the blink of an eye.

What if you’re running a blog site for your business and you have newsletter subscribers, and regular visitors?  What are they going to think when they come up with “no longer available”?  First thing I say to myself when seeing something like that is, “they must have gone out of business”.

Don’t let that happen to you and your business.  TCM Hosting services almost never has down time, and we have yet to remove a blog site or a client web site for any other reason than a legitimate “gone out of business” reason.

Contact us today to learn more, or to get started.

to WWW or not to WWW

We see it far too often — in experienced web hosting companies setting you up with a “dot com”, but “splitting” your site — one where a person has to type in a and another where they “short-form it” by typing

If your business is located in an office suite or a plaza – do you just give your address out as 100 Busy Street and let the customer “guess” what unit you’re located in?  Probably not.

TCM Web Hosting makes sure your customers find you — either with a www or without a www.

It’s a simple thing a lot of hosting companies over look — after all, “everyone knows to type www. – right?”.  Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Make the switch to TCM Web Hosting — we pay attention to the little details.  It’s how we make our living and can pass along expert advice.


think before you click

A well done video that is perfect for helping non-technical users understand the damage one errant click can cause.

We’ve always suggested “practice safe computing”.

Scott Pinzon, CISSP, hosts a video clip where world-renowned Internet security experts explain how spyware works and the damage it can cause — not just to your computer system, but your personal identity!

Bulk Data Backup

backup solutions

If an online backup solution via “DropBox” isn’t the ideal solution for your home or business, we do offer alternative services where we can provide a hardware based method of file storage complete with the software, installation and configuration of it all.  From simple USB backup drives to NAS and NAS RAID sytems, we have experience in it all.

Low, low rates and a friendly member of our staff will visit you at home or business to get you started.

Contact us today for an estimate on your backup needs!

hosting problems?

does your current web host have problems?

Are your potential customers experiencing problem such as the one pictured here when they come to visit your “virtual presence”?

Things like this happened 10+ years ago.

With today’s technology, you shouldn’t see simple problems like this with your web site hosting provider.  Perhaps it’s time for a change if you have seen these problems.  It’s unprofessional and completely unnecessary.

Click here and let us know how we can help.

data backups

drop box cloud storage

Being a ‘computer guy’, I’m quite often asked to fixed people’s computers – one thing that always happens after a major failure is “what about my data”.

If you’re not backing up your important files, get started.  Now.  You never know when a crash will happen and how it will affect your important stuff.

One very easy way to automatically keep important stuff saved is through the “Dropbox” cloud storage service.  In addition, for those of us travelling, we can access Dropbox on any  internet connected computer or smartphone to always have access to those files!  An added bonus let’s you share your online storage space with friends, family (securely) or even the public if you wish.

Sign up to the service today (it’s a free service unless you need lots of extra space) and get your important documents and photos backed up in case of disaster!