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hosting problems?

does your current web host have problems?

Are your potential customers experiencing problem such as the one pictured here when they come to visit your “virtual presence”?

Things like this happened 10+ years ago.

With today’s technology, you shouldn’t see simple problems like this with your web site hosting provider.  Perhaps it’s time for a change if you have seen these problems.  It’s unprofessional and completely unnecessary.

Click here and let us know how we can help.

Benefits of WordPress

You’ll see we’re very keen on implementing “wordpress” as your web site engine – here are a few points as to why:

  • WYSIWYG editing without needing to know HTML
  • addition and removal of pages
  • one click theme changes
  • search engine optimized for ‘google search’ traffic
  • uploading, removing and implementing of your own images – anytime
  • easy handling of “rolling events” like speaking engagements
  • post-dating of articles so they can automatically “go live” on the scheduled date (as is required with embargoed articles until their print publication date)
  • reader participation through comments
  • organization of the content using tags
  • seamless handling of pre-existing URLs
  • easy addition of new functionality (because it is “open source”)
  • free support by the very responsive developer and user communities

The list really goes on from there.  Our current low cost hosting, and setup service for only $49.95 (per year)  includes a domain name, your own permanent email address and wordpress installed on your domain name.

You add the content and set the theme.   Don’t worry, we’re available for consultation to help you along the way too!