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stop the spam

stop the spam

We’re all tired of spam — it’s in our email, it’s on facebook, twitter and coming to our blogs faster than we can click “trash”.

There are lots of ways to combat spam in your blog and we’ll briefly discuss a couple of options here.


1) turn off comments – this might be an option depending on your blog, and your target audience.  think about the pros and cons of doing this before doing it though.

2) use the ‘default’ akismet spam plugin – for most personal blogs, go for it.  however, if your blog is going to make you money in anyway, akismet is not free. (free only for personal use).

3) our favorite system is the “reCAPTCHA” word system — you’ve seen it before – it’s used on a lot of popular sites.  In your wordpress installation, just click to plugins, add new and search for wp-recaptcha  - then follow the simple instructions to get it configured for use – or contact us and we’ll do it for you (no charge if you’re a hosting customer with us).


Did you know that using reCAPTCHA also helps digitize scanned books?

One of the words is really the word to say you’re human – it gets confirmed by recaptcha and let’s the comment go to your inbox.  The other word is a scanned image from a book digitization process.  Type in both words correctly and you’ve now helped create a digital copy of a book!







WordPress Training

need help with wordpress?

Although WordPress is a pretty user-friendly system, you may feel more comfortable with a bit of training for your and your staff members.

We’ll show you how to login to your administration section, upload photos, compose new updates and get the automated email backups running.  We’ll show you how to find new themes for your web site, how to install different plug-in options (like the mobile “touch” theme  which gives mobile users a very friendly format to view your site in).

We’re available at very low rates and will come to your location (within reason from where our staff currently reside), or can arrange for phone coaching via Skype or regular phone.