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i retired already

A good friend of mine has been into internet marketing for a good many years, and has such “retired” using online income.

He still has to do a bit of web site “maintenance” once in a while — and using blogs he can manage posting content and updating things from anywhere in the world through is blackberry smartphone!

Last time we talked, he’s setup a home in Vancouver, but is itching to hit the road again and travel the west coast into South America for a while.

A blog isn’t going to make you rich over night, nor necessarily give you this “retired” lifestyle — but you too can make money online.

If you have a story to tell, a product idea, or even just a journal/photo diary of your travels and holidays — you can generate revenue off your blog site. ¬†Even if it’s only a couple hundred extra dollars a month — imagine what that would give you?

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