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to WWW or not to WWW

We see it far too often — in experienced web hosting companies setting you up with a “dot com”, but “splitting” your site — one where a person has to type in a and another where they “short-form it” by typing

If your business is located in an office suite or a plaza – do you just give your address out as 100 Busy Street and let the customer “guess” what unit you’re located in?  Probably not.

TCM Web Hosting makes sure your customers find you — either with a www or without a www.

It’s a simple thing a lot of hosting companies over look — after all, “everyone knows to type www. – right?”.  Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Make the switch to TCM Web Hosting — we pay attention to the little details.  It’s how we make our living and can pass along expert advice.


Linux Systems

we love Ubuntu!

So what is all this about “Linux” and “Ubuntu“?  Why should you use Ubuntu Linux?

Well, you can breathe life into an older computer, or just make a newer computer “that much better”.  You’ll get that “mac-like” system people love (no viruses!) without spending the big bucks for the “mac-name”.

Ubuntu is easy to use, and it comes with thousands of free applications. Ubuntu does everything you need it to. It’ll work with your existing PC files, printers, cameras and MP3 players.

You don’t have to be an expert. Ubuntu’s quick and easy to get started.

Free apps, safe and fast web browsing, a dedicated music store and much more. Ubuntu brings the very best technologies straight to your desktop.

OpenOffice is Microsoft Office compatible!

Included is – it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and has everything you need to create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations. is easy to use, packed with the features you need and completely free.


You can stop making excuses, and stop wasting money on trying to update older machines to run newer versions of Microsoft Windows.

Ubuntu Linux.  We can install it, and get you started using it.  But really, it is so easy and friendly to use, we’ll bet you won’t need the support!  Click here to jump to the Ubuntu Linux web site, download and install!  Or contact us for more information on making the switch.

purchasing consultants

purchasing consultants


At TCM we’re also here to help you get the most out of your hard earned dollar, or company budget.

Our flat rate purchasing consultations will ensure that sales staff at “big box” retail stores aren’t just selling you what they make the most commission on or using the “SWAT” principle on you (Sell What’s Available Today).

We will sit down with you, evaluate your computer needs and your budget to find a solution best suited for you.    We can then shop “with you” at the store or give you specifics on what to buy when you do go to the store.

I see it all the time — sales reps pushy to maximize their own commissions,  but fail to really stop and listen to what the customer is asking them for.  You may not be techno-literate, but you still know what your budget is and probably have an idea of what you’d like to see yourself with.

We’ll help you make an informed and educated decision, without the pushy pressure of a commission based sales representative.


get a domain name

We use and recommend GoDaddy for your domain name needs.
Great prices on all their services including ‘private’ domain names.

Grab a domain name and be sure to set the “name servers” to point to us if you’re going to host your web site or blog with us!


set your name servers

set your name servers

If you’re switching your web site hosting over to tcm web media to take advantage of our low hosting rates and high quality WordPress hosting option, you’ll need to configure your web site ‘domain name’ to point to our web servers instead of where they currently point to.

The section you need to change on your domain name manager is called “name severs“.

The name servers for our web hosting is and

Click the image to the right to have a closer look at what you’d change things to if you have a domain name registered with ““.

wordpress themes

thousands of designs

Trying to come up with a great design for your web site?

TCM & WordPress has the answer — themes.   When your web site runs with TCM hosting and a WordPress engine, you can select from thousands of themes — most of which are free!

In addition, your web site “content” is never lost when you want to change the layout or design of your site — just install the new theme and all the information you had in your web site automatically is formatted into the new theme!

Click here to take a look through some premium themes from “Woo Themes“.

think before you click

A well done video that is perfect for helping non-technical users understand the damage one errant click can cause.

We’ve always suggested “practice safe computing”.

Scott Pinzon, CISSP, hosts a video clip where world-renowned Internet security experts explain how spyware works and the damage it can cause — not just to your computer system, but your personal identity!