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WordPress 101 – Video Tutoring

Wordpress 101 video tutoring

wordpress tutoring

For almost all of our clients, we highly recommend having WordPress installed as your ‘content management system (CMS)’ — quite simply because it works – and it works very, very well.

A couple of clicks of your mouse and you’ve got a new look to your site, one click adds new pages to your site, point & click uploading of photos on your site etc.

For some, however, it is necessary to get some training on how to effectively use WordPress and the different themes, plugins, widgets and settings that are available to you.

Of course, you can always contact us for in person training or telephone support – but some times you may want to have additional training materials and methods to you.

WordPress 101 offers a complete video tutorial series for beginner WordPress users.  We’ve reviewed the videos and highly recommend them to our clients.  CLICK HERE to jump over to WordPress 101 and have a look at what they have to offer!

WordPress Training

need help with wordpress?

Although WordPress is a pretty user-friendly system, you may feel more comfortable with a bit of training for your and your staff members.

We’ll show you how to login to your administration section, upload photos, compose new updates and get the automated email backups running.  We’ll show you how to find new themes for your web site, how to install different plug-in options (like the mobile “touch” theme  which gives mobile users a very friendly format to view your site in).

We’re available at very low rates and will come to your location (within reason from where our staff currently reside), or can arrange for phone coaching via Skype or regular phone.