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Digital Home Media Systems

the PS3 - just one type of media "receiver"

It’s here now and it is such a convenient, and easy to use system – every house hold should have it – it’s digital home media.

From one single computer in your house you can record your favorite TV shows, save your DVD and Blue-Ray movies digitally and then “serve” them to any TV in your house for watching by anyone, any time.

Imagine, your entire movie collection and any TV shows you record – available to any of your TV’s any time you want. ¬†Heck, you can even configure a server to send media (photos, music, movies) to your smartphone or laptop when away from your home network!


Contact us to learn more, or to schedule a no obligation quote for your home media needs – from a media server setup, right through to media receiver systems at each of your televisions.

Bulk Data Backup

backup solutions

If an online backup solution via “DropBox” isn’t the ideal solution for your home or business, we do offer alternative services where we can provide a hardware based method of file storage complete with the software, installation and configuration of it all. ¬†From simple USB backup drives to NAS and NAS RAID sytems, we have experience in it all.

Low, low rates and a friendly member of our staff will visit you at home or business to get you started.

Contact us today for an estimate on your backup needs!