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set your name servers

set your name servers

If you’re switching your web site hosting over to tcm web media to take advantage of our low hosting rates and high quality WordPress hosting option, you’ll need to configure your web site ‘domain name’ to point to our web servers instead of where they currently point to.

The section you need to change on your domain name manager is called “name severs“.

The name servers for our web hosting is and

Click the image to the right to have a closer look at what you’d change things to if you have a domain name registered with ““.

effective self defense – customer site

customer site: effective self defense

customer site: effective self defense

A local self defense/self awareness instructor was tired of an out of date looking web site and frustrated with the high costs of having to pay a web development firm to constant add new content.

$49 later we had him up and running on our system.  With an addition $100, we spent two hours at his site showing him the features of WordPress and how he can take pictures of his self defense system, upload them to his web site at any time.

Now he’s uploading photos, selling other products and incorporating twitter and youtube as well.  Click the site photo for more.

i retired already – customer site

i retired already

A good friend of mine has been into internet marketing for a good many years, and has such “retired” using online income.

He still has to do a bit of web site “maintenance” once in a while — and using blogs he can manage posting content and updating things from anywhere in the world through is blackberry smartphone!

Last time we talked, he’s setup a home in Vancouver, but is itching to hit the road again and travel the west coast into South America for a while.

A blog isn’t going to make you rich over night, nor necessarily give you this “retired” lifestyle — but you too can make money online.

If you have a story to tell, a product idea, or even just a journal/photo diary of your travels and holidays — you can generate revenue off your blog site.  Even if it’s only a couple hundred extra dollars a month — imagine what that would give you?

our own blog of course

Of course our own site is running on the same high performance web hosting computers we put your web site on, and we run the front-end with WordPress as well — for versatility, ease of use and ease of adding new content to the site.

Your web site data is backed up daily and we have a 99.99% uptime.

Sign up today and get started!

hosting problems?

does your current web host have problems?

Are your potential customers experiencing problem such as the one pictured here when they come to visit your “virtual presence”?

Things like this happened 10+ years ago.

With today’s technology, you shouldn’t see simple problems like this with your web site hosting provider.  Perhaps it’s time for a change if you have seen these problems.  It’s unprofessional and completely unnecessary.

Click here and let us know how we can help.