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our own blog of course

Of course our own site is running on the same high performance web hosting computers we put your web site on, and we run the front-end with WordPress as well — for versatility, ease of use and ease of adding new content to the site.

Your web site data is backed up daily and we have a 99.99% uptime.

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finding love customer demo

click the site photo to link through

A web hosting customer that has been with us for many, many years recently upgraded her web site to a blog based system.

After finding less and less time to update her site using web site development tools and FTP software, we convinced the folks at to switch to a WordPress blog.

Updates are now done when they want and by staff with no web site design skills.  The layout is locked in place and they can add and remove content as often as desired!  Click on the site photo to link to their web site and have a closer look.

$49 Annual Hosting

$4.95/month or $49 a year!

WordPress is an award-winning blog platform that we recommend for blogging. We are an award-winning web hosting company.

With this combination, you can have your very own self-hosted WordPress blog with your own domain. In fact, you can host your own WordPress installation with custom themes, plugins, and your own domain name with TCM for only $4.95 a month – or $49 paid annually.

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