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to WWW or not to WWW

We see it far too often — in experienced web hosting companies setting you up with a “dot com”, but “splitting” your site — one where a person has to type in a and another where they “short-form it” by typing

If your business is located in an office suite or a plaza – do you just give your address out as 100 Busy Street and let the customer “guess” what unit you’re located in?  Probably not.

TCM Web Hosting makes sure your customers find you — either with a www or without a www.

It’s a simple thing a lot of hosting companies over look — after all, “everyone knows to type www. – right?”.  Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Make the switch to TCM Web Hosting — we pay attention to the little details.  It’s how we make our living and can pass along expert advice.


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